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Corona Crisis: Charter of actions to mitigate and prepare

Lessons from the crisis help innovate sustainable and resilient form and functions to the way we govern and design public policies. The charter derives a few lessons that could help mitigate current situations and prepare for further situations alike. A nation’s way of response in the current situation could dramatically influence its future.

The draft covers-

  • Integrated Decentralized Distribution,

  • Wage Plan For Informal Workers,

  • Addressing Farmers’ Needs,

  • Strengthening Health Infrastructure,

  • Ensuring Safety Net For The Frontline,

  • Gender Security,

  • Access To Uninterrupted Education And Child Safety,

  • Increase In Number Of Shelter Homes,

  • Fortifying Cyber Security,

  • Neutralizing Potential Contamination Routes,

  • Building Resilience Through Local Economy

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