Civilization is a complex relationship between societies and cultures under the dynamic motion of a number of aspects of population, environment, geography, culture, tradition, economy, politics, more alike...

In order to keep evolving, there is a need for sustainability so as to design a better world to live in.


Think It Again is an open group of thinkers who take sustainability into account the aspects that influence people and the planet. We, at Think it Again, explore the contemporary issues, thoughts and public policies through interdisciplinary research that redefine development in harmony with the people and the Planet.


It is an open-for-all platform for all solution-based ideas and thoughts also for critical analysis of the present concepts and policies. The ultimate purpose is to bring value to the public policies and laws that drive our systems. 




The determinants of social, psychological, economic and physical health, the policies and governance of public health management and systems, all that impact human health


For protection under law against injustice and inequality, both to human and nature...

Contribution dashboard of all the sectors like agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, etc. And their relation with the Rural Economy


If not saved before the sands run out, before the ice melt, the future is unimaginable...

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