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Think it Again (TIA) is a forum for rethinking development & redefine it in a way that is aligned to sustainability by design. TIA is dedicated to research on Public Policy ranging on themes of economy, education, environment, global health, and governance.


Think it Again thrives with a mission to critically analyze, establish and disseminate perspectives on sustainability in the social systems like governance, economy, education, public health, public policies, culture, and civics through interdisciplinary research and actions that redefine development in harmony with the people and the Planet.



Think it Again brings together and publishes solution-based research articles and perspectives. It brings people with ideas and sustainability concepts to the forum to discuss and share. It works with interdisciplinary researchers to review and analyze the sustainability of development policies. It is a platform for sharing the best concepts from communities, modern thinkers, and social scientists. Think it Again is dedicated to ensuring sustainability in development policies. Disseminating knowledge on sustainability through communicating research and their implications.

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