Preparing youth to adapt to the 'New World'

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Preparing Youth To Adapt to the New World | Talk with Vineesh Sathianathan

An Inerview excerpt with Mr. Vineesh Sathianathan, a Behaviour Scientist and Choice Archiect who has been working with your, enabling them to discover and pursue their purpose using design thinking approach.

Q.You have been a Wipro Alumnus and then a behaviour scientist with mastery in design and systems thinking and also a choice architect. How do you sum up your experience so far? And what are looking forward to?

I started my career as a software engineer, 21 years back. Roughly around 12-15 years back, I used to write programs and run it on a device, I particularly worked on embedded systems, I used to program small devices. So the interesting thing here was I write any program and run it at any point in time and it worked exactly as I wanted. Later after 4 to 5 years, I was also taking responsibility for leading a team, where I observed that the same process does not fit in here. The programs as I said, worked always at any time. But, with people it was different. Humans are complex, and so is understanding humans. One can’t program them for achieving desired results!

There began my journey to solve this complexity, I tried to understand people more. I pursued a masters course in Psychology and then PhD in behavioural sciences. So, I started as a Computer Engineer, I am still an engineer but one who likes to engineer human behaviour. I always wanted to know why humans behave the way they behave. Hence, I ended up here as a behavioral scientist.