Safeguarding Rural Consumers

The exchange of goods and services makes one person the seller and the other a buyer or consumer. Now, when we talk about the rural consumers which actually constitutes to 70 percent of India’s population and which actually accounts for more than half of the consumption of India. There arises a question. Are these rural consumers safe from exploitation or cheat? Do they actually have the idea that there exists an act named The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 which enables to solve the grievances of the consumers through a speedy redressal? And even if they know about it, do they actually avail the rights when required?

Talking in the context of today’s era it is clear to us that the buying preference of the rural consumer is changing at a greater pace. As per the facts, it has been derived that the monthly per capita spending among rural consumers has increased by 17% between FY10 and FY12, higher than the 12% rise among urban consumers. Hence, the disposable incomes also hiked up and fuelled aspirations and that resulted in a change in buying preference. It was also seen that the spending on non-food items rose from 40% of total spend in FY 2005 to more than 50% in FY2012.