Victims of Growth

The population of India has reached 134 crores which is becoming a burden for the subcontinent where the population density is 450 per sq km, says the Worldometer Population Survey. Moreover, the global population reached around 7 billion and the resource consumption is getting even higher. The materialistic and westernized culture is promoting unsustainable consumeristic behaviour among people.

Due to the fetish of consumerism, various industries are growing day by day. That’s why the number of greenhouse gases is increasing and causing an increase in temperature of the atmosphere. According to NASA, this heat could intensify the storms by decreasing the temperature differences between poles and equator.


“Important elements of human nature are open to delight in the acquisition of new goods. Add growing prosperity and money earnings, which allowed these elements to shine through. Add attractive new goods and marketing methods that provided new opportunities to manipulate ordinary folks and build on their natural impulses and their new earnings. And the result is assured: consumerism will emerge and grow.” (Stearns, 2001)